Musical Underground Ottawa

We'll trade you a guitar for a song.

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How To Win

A quick explanation of how you win this oft-discussed guitar:

I’ll keep a list of everyone who played. And then I’ll announce a date (here, on Facebook, on Twitter) for an open mic in town, at which I’ll publicly throw all the names in a hat and draw a winner. You should go because A) music is dandy and  to rest assured that the raffle is fair.

But yeah. It’s not a contest, it’s an adventure. It’ll lead to good music getting shared out of Ottawa, and a great guitar for a lucky soul.


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Reverse Busking Hits The Streets

The rubber is finally hitting the road. We’re now into patio and park weather, and it’s time for Musical Underground Ottawa to start. I’ll add a calendar in the next couple days, but May 25, 2013, noon-5pm, is the first chance (weather-independent, although the other ones will be very weather-dependent).

What better opportunity than the Great Glebe Garage Sale? Look for a big sign on Second Avenue, between Bank Street and Queen Elizabeth, that says “Free Guitar.” That’ll be me. And hopefully you.

Alternatively, look for this beauty, which is up for grabs . The deal is if you play me a song and let me record it, you get a (reasonably good) chance to win this $800 solid-wood Seagull folk guitar:


Share this page with your music-lover friends! Follow things on Twitter! And most of all, come out and play!

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Musical Underground Ottawa

Welcome to Musical Underground Ottawa!

Musical Underground Ottawa, made possible by Awesome Ottawa, will start on May 25, 2013 – during the Great Glebe Garage Sale – in the streets, parks and public spaces of our city. It is, essentially, reverse busking – I’ll hang out with a guitar, but it’s the passers-by who are playing. Anyone that plays a song will have a chance to win a beautiful acoustic-electric Seagull guitar, handmade in La Patrie, Québec. Only catch is that we’re going to record the whole thing and post the highlights.

Keep an eye on this space (or @MUOttawa on Twitter)  for dates, times, and locations. And later, for the videos and music of whatever ends up happening.

Interested in getting involved? Leave a comment or Tweet at us.